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Last night was so shitty.. I was talking to my ex around 6:40pm and we were talking about hanging out, and i actually wanted to go, i was excited to hang out just as friends, she told me she would be home at 7:30pm. So i took a shower and got ready.and headed towards the bus, i wasn’t feeling to good either but i really wanted to hang out, so i went anyways. The first bus came pretty fast, but then i waited at the station for 45 minutes or more… I didn’t get there till 9:25. So i walk through the door and she’s sitting playing sorry with her family. I stood next to her, and all she says is she’s leaving soon…so I’m thinking to myself, you made me come all this way and your leaving?! And busses stopped already.. So for the 30 minutes i was there not once did she talk to me nor hugged me. So I’m about to break down, i was going through so much pain and can barley breath to top it off, so i walked out and went beside the building and started breaking down, and I’m trying to get someone to pick me up, i texted the worst person… Brook.. I even said id buy them McDonalds, anything to just get home. And she freakin went off on me over bullshit that’s not true, so that didn’t help. My ex Mitzell was talking to me through it all,.and she would’ve got me, but her dumb ass gf wouldn’t allow it. So awhile after, my ex (codi) came out and called me back up stairs. (it was a ghetto complex) so i wiped my tears and went up, and she’s like why were you crying? And she was kinda being a Bitch about it.. I told her my eyes were just burning. And then she’s like I’m not ready for a relationship… And I’m like I’m here to hang out with you not be with you. And then she asked me first if i liked her, and it’s common sense! I took two busses just to hang out with her?! If i didn’t care, i wouldn’t have went. Then she’s like do you think I’m pretty? And i said yes. Then she says i don’t feel like your trying. Wtf? Im answering all her questions… It was all about her, did i mention she was high as hell too? She looked fkn stupid like if she was drunk.. It was annoying, it’s like she didn’t know what the hell was going on. After awhile she had to get ready, so i sat on the stairs, and thank god, my guy friend just got off work, so he came and got me. And i don’t think i will ever go back..

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